“Grit your teeth” : dental occlusion and muscular performance


 “Grit your teeth!” is not only a way of saying, but is exactly what happens anytime in sports during the training. It has been shownthat an unbalanced condition between the dental arches, can cause muscles and posture alterations. In this sense, a malocclusion can negatively affect the sport performance. In order to avoid this, the Italian group “Centri Odontoiatrici San Giorgio” has conducted an evaluation trial on an Olympic athlete affected by malocclusion. The results obtained through the BTS TMJOINT synchromyography exam, has allowed Dr. Antonio Del Vecchio and Dr. Anthony Urso to solve the problem, but moreover to improve the athlete competitive performance. This incredible success has driven doctors and the Italian Weightlifting Federation to extend the examination to the entire team.


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